Sunday, April 8, 2007

Where do ideas come from?

Ideas are the currency of humankind.

It is not possible to advance our progress of our 'civilization; without them.

But ideas are not the same as thinking.

An idea has to be original. It is the fusion of previous unconnected elements into new form. No idea can be created without at least two separate pieces of reality combining. But much like art, if aggregation does not create a new element - and remains merely the ragbag collection of disparate pieces - an idea has not be borne.

So when do ideas occur at their best? Is there a way to understand the conditions or forces that play at this powerful moment of creation? If so, we have some measure - if not controlling - then at least being able to guide the process.

Ideas are born when the mind is in a state of recline. Focused but relaxed to be open to the inter-connectedness of all understanding and experience.

Hence: thoughts from the reclining chair.